Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nap Time in the Mom Car

Holy Cow moment ?:  The best place to nap is not your bed, not mom and dads bed, not daycare, not a pack and play or a swing, not in mommy's arms but in the mom car. 

I deduce the reasoning is that the mom car has it all - see previous posts.  We have a blanket (well 3 really), a super comfy seat, several favorite toys, climate control, the light rumble of the engine, what’s not to love. Apparently we get this from dad because I get carsick.  I do not sleep well in cars and frankly I hate driving.  My child?  She laughs at daddy’s car noises, is calmed by played ‘slalom course’ in the stroller at whichever store we are in and loves to stand in daddy’s lap playing with the steering wheel.

I’m in trouble. 

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