Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quality mom car time

Holy cow moment ?: where would any normal, completly not insaine mom spend her time? In the mom car of course. Okay, so maybe this isn't the logical answer but my holy cow moment is what would you do to get your child to nap?

So as I sit in my front seat of the mom care listening to tiny snores I get comfortable. Random audio book I'd forgotten about, check. Bottle of water, check. Whats this I see...a granola bar and some crackers-food, check. Other then my neighbors questioning my sanity I have everything to survive my little ones 20minute power nap. Next time I should stash some wine in the garage-yes I'm actually hanging out In a parked car in the garage.

The idea has occurred to me to clean out said mom car while little one naps but what fun is there in that. I'd rather text message everyone I know to pass the time.

Holy cow moment: to get the dogs to sleep we'd go for a long walk. To get the kid to sleep I go for a drive. To get mom or dad to sleep I had dogs and then a kid. Ah the circle of exhaustion.


  1. I can totally see myself doing that. Gabby loves to go for rides.

  2. Just wait for it! The car is a great tool when your desperate....but then youre stuck in a car. :-)