Sunday, January 8, 2012

It must be the age...

Holy cow moment ?: it's party time!! Those words used to mean the party was not child appropriate and by the end of the night someone would be lost, someone would have thrown up, someone else would be involved in PDA, 'that guy' would be passed out like he did at every party, games involving adult friendly drinks would be played; well I'm sure you remember. By the next day some people would be rolling over next to someone they may or may not remember and others would be contemplating the fastest way to get to the tylonal. The parties actually didn't even end until the next day.

Fast forward about 5 years-same party but now most people are going home with their significant others, their spouses or one or two stragglers might head out to the bar since the parties are now ending at midnight.

Ok, fast forward another 5 years or so. Maybe things aren't so different. Today's parties still have some throwing up-usually everyone under 1 in fact, someone still passes out-probably everyone under 2, there's always the one who gets lost-yes they were told the upstairs was off limits but who listens, there's lots of PDA thanks to lots of chubby cheeks, still lots of drinking-although the majority of the crowd is drunk off sugar. So instead of no kids now you can't go 2 feet without stepping on at least 2 mini humans. I guess it's all in perspective as to whether things have really changed or not. Parties end at 3 pm instead of midnight ... So maybe things have changed.

Kids or no kids anyone reaching their 30's or above is seeing their parties transform from rowdy crazy drunks to rowdy crazy tooth challenged rug rats.

Holy cow when did I grow up? I actually bonded with two moms who's were scrambling to find burp clothes and at the end of the party we all smelled like baby spit anyway.

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