Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moms do not get sick

Holy cow moment ?: Did you know moms do not get sick? no we are not superwoman....well yes we are but no its not that we can't get sick it's that we do not get sick time. Who knew? Perhaps the bout when the whole family had the flu would teach me that moms cant get sick-it really sucks to nurse an infant and control the urge to run to the bathroom.
Or maybe the eight colds I have had-thank you daycare. But no; Its the double ear infection mom got. I'm sure it was Gods lesson to me. I apparently didnt feel bad enough about my daughters ear incfection I needed to join in. good news though, as an adult we get narcotics!!!!

So mom doesnt get to be sick even when sick but at least I get the good drugs!

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