Thursday, January 19, 2012

The skinny or not so skinny

Holy cow moment ?: This isn't really "wow" this is more like "really".

When we're teens we have great bodies. You know what I mean-toned butt, great legs, awesome arms pretty much we were just freaking awesome. But did we see it? Noooo! Our hips were too wide, our hair the wrong style, our boobs were too big. Yeah really - I had teen girls say that to me back in the day. Well teen enemies of mine these babies were made for being a mommy! (yes thats my comeback to those girls who I no longer know anyway, so who cares if it's lame). Ok, back to my moment.

So fast forward to college/post high-school the 20's. We now know what we have and if we're smart we flaunt it, in public anyway. Free drinks, no cover charge, yeah who's got assets now teen enemies (maybe I should let it go?) Anyway, we have it all, the appeal of a girl newly blossomed into a woman but do we really see it? Noooo! Our hips are too big ( still), my arm has this dingle dangles, my hair is still the wrong color, if I could only lose 10 lbs. It's just sad because really we rocked it.

Now we enter the years that stigmas are made of. It's true, now things are starting to sag -well everywhere. Your stomach is bulging and you blame age, or childbirth. If you don't have a kid by this age you will need to find something to blame, men can be blamed for a lot but kids are easier. It really does seem like the day you left your 20s you just broke and you keep breaking. Now we just look back fondly on 'the good years'. It's not a good sign when you wake up and dash to the shower praying to avoid a mirror. You nolonger fear bloody Mary, you fear the 'wtf' (what the fudge) factor. That's when over night your body did something new and unattractive.

Well ladies let's just put on our big girl panties and dance around no matter the age. Yeah I want to lose weight but I wanted to do that yesterday, last week, last year, last decade heck I probably left the womb , not crying from birth, but crying because I no longer am in a liquid environment where you automatically seem to weigh less. Pools are love hate, love that your man can pick you up in the water, hate wearing the suite that reminds said man you really don't weigh 10lbs.

Being a mom I still have that awful chemical imbalance every woman has to always need to lose weight but now I'm worried that I have a daughter who will now start the cycle.

So holy cow are we ever happy with the body we got dealt? I think I love pregnancy because I had a reason to flaunt the belly not hide it- now I'm back to hiding, too bad it got harder to hide.

I'd love to know think everyone is going to take a moment and dance around in their skivvies saying 'screw you mother nature I like me for me' and then feel free to eat chocolate because you just burned some calories from dancing.

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