Thursday, March 1, 2012

So who is in control again?

Holy Cow Moment ?: When exactly did i lose control? Suddenly my husband ignores me when a 2 foot tall terror is awake. Suddenly I eat standing up at the counter while prepareing food or walking said terror because she is hungry or fussy. Suddenly my nights revolve around baths, bottles, toys, naps, diapers and wether or not we really need food from the grocery store since she (2ft tall terror) doesn't want to leave the house.

I love sleeping in, TFTT (2ft tall terror) does not therefore I no longer do. TFTT doesn't like cars right now therefore I an now a shut in, TFTT didn't like solids yet and therefore I must be a bad parents-not giving her the foods she 'should' be eating. She wants to be mobile therefore mommy no longer like to sit. As it turns out I lost control the day I became mom.

Holy cow I've lost control and actually, I'm okay with it. Who knew a 2ft tall little girl would take over our worlds and we would let her. I do miss a moments of peace when I'm in the bathroom though-that and a full nights rest :-) other then that it's all good.

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