Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommy bloopers

Holy cow moment ?: I have a mortgage, dogs, a husband, a child and a job that robs me of all my energy - holy crap I'm an adult. So other then I do not remember growing up I should realize maintaining anonymity requires a bit of thought.

Oh daycare how you are necessary. That does not however mean you can do what you want without asking, so I say thanks for the 'anonymous' feedback survey. It turns out the sheets do not go to corporate to have comments compiled; they go straight to the center and if you are specific enough for your issue to be addressed it's pretty easy to pin point the parent. Key words like 'infant room' narrow you to 1/6 parents. Add your generalized complaint about non-approved food and ta-da the center director and teacher can now personally apologize.

Oops-so much for anonymous.

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