Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog it, Tweet it, Write it, Whatever

Holy Cow Moment #:  Do you have the tattered old thing your mom filled out for you as a child, well some of people do.  Some mom’s never did do that fundamental book of firsts, the baby book. Baby books seem to be a thing of the past.  Our child now lives online.  Her photo is out there the day she is born along with the only weight she will never be embarrassed by, her height and any other tidbits mom and dad want to share.  The poor kid has an electronic footprint before she can even smile. 

What even happened to the baby book, birth announcements?  What if you are the embarrassing parent that doesn’t know it yet and you are ruining your Childs chance at becoming president.  Now her first step is electronically shared with the world, her first word, her random ear infection, if her BM’s are normal and if they are not you can ask for advice.  Frankly if you could publish the news from all different sources you would have your baby book through twitter, blogs, Facebook and whatever else.

My child will know how to type her name before writing it, or so it seems most days.  I am still writing her baby book and I still sent out birth announcements (in the Mail – with a stamp) but so many traditions are changing and things are becoming instant.  I still can’t believe I have to wait two weeks for my Childs portraits to be printed.  Weren’t we doing one hour photo’s over ten years ago? Come on photo place, this isn’t rocket science – anymore.

Every generation is different from the next but I think our kids have it the weirdest.  So much information at the tip of your fingers, what do you suppose they will do with it?

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