Saturday, March 3, 2012

What not to say....

Holy Cow Moment ?: people are rude and seem to have a dominant problem of foot in mouth decease. Ever want to reach out and smack them? I do all the time.

What not to say to a mom if you value your friendship.
1 Do not critique her parenting style, just because it's not yours does not mean her child will not survive to adulthood also.
2. Do not ever criticize her possible over protective nature. Mamma bear doesn't like being poked and I'm sure you value your life, right?
3. Leave her house alone, sure it looks like a category 5 tornado has hit but most likly she's barely keeping her head above water so for the time being smile and just watch where you sit.
4. Don't say "wow you look tired." of which you deserve the response, if you deserve one at all, of "thanks I have a kid what's your excuse?"
5. Don't make her feel bad for liking to be a homebody, if it came down to it; you or her baby who do you think would win?

Okay now moms can only get away with being rude for a few weeks after that, yes we're tired, yes showering is an olympic speed race but still don't you want to keep your pre baby, baby-free friends?
1. Moms don't ever say "you will understand when..." dont sell your child-free friends short. They aren't stupid, or not all of them are. To clear this up-yes I can pit down the baby but no it's not advisable to "just let them cry for an hour." Long story short no they don't truly 'know' but I think they can understand just talk to them.
2. Dont ever exclude them. Yes there is a mommy club, we know it. But guess what the child-free friend was there before and will most likly still be there after.
3. don't forget to talk about more then poop, pee, school, diapers, throw get the point. Remember the world before baby? It did not cease to exist contrary to your belief.

Okay-mom to mom this can be summed up easily.
1. Don't, i repeat, do not compare our kids because mine will always win.

Thanks for reading hope we can all maintain our friends, our lives, our sanity and somehow raise a few good human beings in the process.

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