Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy Stalking

Holy Cow Moment ?: have you ever found yourself on the quest for other moms in your same situation? Or maybe not even the same situation but maybe just the same vicinity-like your neighborhood? How about using your kid as bait?

Nothing, I repeat nothing will stop people dead in their tracks to talk to you like a baby. For those out there trying to improve your social life-have a baby, for those trying to snag a man-borrow a baby (or have one, that seems extreme though), for those trying to meet neighbors that one might have lived by you for seven years-have a baby, an excuse for dark circles under you eyes-have a...oh wait that's how you get dark circles from the lack of sleep.

Well folks I did it. I put my baby in the stroller and walked around the area...thirty minutes of walking for nothing. Not one new person was out, not a single mommy to be seen. I needed adult conversation and all I got was exercise.

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