Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do you remember

Holy cow moment ?: Do you remember the first moment you or someone you know made the choice to start a family? Did you even realize you were old enough to have a baby?  I still remember being 18 or 21; I do not feel old enough, well I didn't until I started to wake up with new aches that I swear were not there the night before.

For me, the initial thought that I was ready was while driving home from a 3rd birthday, I had the sudden urge to cry because we did not have any kids. My husband came around to the idea several months later.

The difference between the male mind vs the female in this situation?  Well there are a lot of differences.

In order to procreate a few basic things happen.  I am sure all of you are well aware of this and i don't need to spell this out.
In the male mind their initial thought is: "Cool! Unprotected sex." to the female it's, "OMG, OMG, we're really doing this.  Wait are we really doing this?"

The phrase "we're pregnant"
Male: "cool 9 more months of no protection."
Female: "OMG, OMG. We have a million things to do. Oh crap I'm ganna be sick."

The visual of the baby bump:
Male: "that's mine." - see the "mom car explained" for territory marking. Nothing says taken like a baby bump.
Female: "Omg, I'm pregnant. Crap I gained weight, oh crap this thing will need to come out. Omg what did we do?"

Holy cow it still feels like yesterday that our little girl turned our lives upside down but then again there are nights that feel like we haven't had sleep in years.
Do you remember the moment you were ready to change your world and share it with a tiny human? I do and I've been paying for it ever since. Just kidding. But the reality is I don't remember life before her, she's a piece to our family puzzle.

In between there were lots of other steps but I still remember standing in our bedroom folding laundry talking to my husband about really "doing this family thing". When he said "sure" I repeated a similar answer that I said when he proposed 2 years earlier. " Seriously?"  In a positive shocked sort of way; like when did we get old enough to have a baby?

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