Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change my foot

Holy Cow Moment ?: who forgot to tell my infant there was a time change? I hated losing an hour when I was young, more when I was a teenager, loathed it when I was a college student, couldn't bear it when I was single, missed the hour when I was married and despise and dread it now that I'm a mom.

Losing an hour has never been all that great-an extra hour of daylight my foot. I'd rather just sleep, something I've been robbed of enough since I became a mom.

Do farmers really need a clock to tell them when they should and should not be up? Does the sun know its supposed to be up longer or later thanks to the man made clock?

Holy cow I'm tired and I dread the next time change because although we will gain an hour no one has told my child that.
Maybe we should move to the part of Arizona where the time change isn't honored.

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