Thursday, March 15, 2012

To do my hair or not-that is the question

Holy cow moment ?; I've officially given up on my hair. As I was driving to work drying my hair in the heat vents i realized that as far as the beauty world goes I have hit rock bottom. As the weather gets nicer I switch from heat vents to windows rolled down. The wind blown look is a style right?

Well I was informed the wind blown look is not a style, wet hair does not style well for work and people judge you when your brushing your hair while trying to dry it in the vent at a stop light. I guess I am a transitioning mom. I have recently started washing my hair in the bath tub the night before, leaving me with dry-semi styled hair, and a shower and makeup routine that take 20 minutes or less the next day. Score. That means either 10 more minutes with my daughter or 10 more minutes in bed. So hard to choose.

This new method actually makes summer more comfortable, I No longer have to blast the heat vents.

Holy Cow my hair routine is evolving all thanks to having not only lunches to pack in the morning, a shower to take, makeup to do, hitting the snooze one to many times and now getting a child fed. Sometimes kids improve our lives schedules.

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